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ASME Section VIII Div 1 Quiz-1

ASME Section VIII Div 1 quiz one should take before interview

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Which of the following is a category "D" welded joint in a pressure vessel

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For a cylindrical shell that was designed for internal pressure the tolerance for out-of-roundness must be maintained and is based on the difference of the maximum and minimum inside diameters. This tolerance is;

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Which of the following describes a Standard Hydrostatic Test

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Two plates with different thickness of 20 mm and 14 mm are to be welded to connect shell of pressure vessel. How much minimum taper transition is required

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What is the depth of the notch for a charpy impact specimen

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A linear indication when using magnetic particle testing is described as one

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What will the joint category for shell  connecting to hemispherical dish end

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What is the maximum permitted temperature of a PWHT furnace at the time a pressure vessel is place in it

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What is the minimum required thickness of a pressure vessel name plate

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The mill under tolerance for a plate of 1/2” thickness in Section VIII Div.1 is

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