Tube to tubesheet Welder Qualification

In this article we will discuss about the tube to tubesheet welder and welding operator qualification as per BPVC ASME Section IX. Tube to Tubesheet Welding Tube to tube sheet welding is a special kind of welding, both process and technique wise. Essentially the parameters, techniques adopted for a groove weld will not work for […]

bend test

Mechanical Testing Requirement as per ASME BPVC Section IX

This article will cover the essential mechanical testing procedures outlined in ASME BPVC Section IX (ASME section 9)for the qualification of a groove weld PQR (Procedure Qualification Record), including details on specimen extraction location, the objectives of the testing, and criteria for acceptance. Testing Requirement: QW-451 outlines the specific type and quantity of test specimens

Importance and Calculation of Heat Input and Arc Energy

What is Heat Input (HI):  In arc welding, energy is transferred from the welding electrode to the base metal by an electric arc. When welder initiate the arc, the welding electrode and base metal is melted and weld pool is generated. This weld pool results due to the energy supplied through the power source. Energy

Welding position

Welding Positions

This article is about Welding Position involved in fabrication of Pressure Vessel, Piping and Pipelines. Different welding standard specifies different welding positions for welder. Welding position is specified as per the position of work piece before and during welding. Position of welding is specified in ASME section IX and EN ISO 6947. Welding position is