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Delta ferrite importance in SS welding

Role of Delta Ferrite in Stainless Steel Welding

Delta ferrite is a type of ferrite, a crystalline structure that forms during the solidification of some metals and alloys, including stainless steel. The presence of delta ferrite in a welded joint of stainless steel is important because it affects the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the welded joint.

Nickel (Ni) is restricted to a maximum of 1% for sour service?

In the oil and gas industry, materials used for equipment and pipelines are subjected to some of the harshest conditions on Earth. Sour service environments, characterized by the presence of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2), and other corrosive elements, pose significant challenges to the integrity and safety of these materials. To mitigate the risk

What is sour service?

Sour service, in the the oil and gas industry, is a term used to describe the conditions in which equipment, pipelines, and infrastructure come into contact with corrosive and hydrogen sulfide-rich environments. These harsh conditions can lead to corrosion and other forms of damage, making sour service an important consideration for the safety and integrity

Pipe Weight Calculator

Weight = Volume x Material DensityOD = Outside Diameter of PipeID = Inside Diameter of PipeID = OD – 2TT = Thickness of Pipe L=Length of Pipe Volume of Pipe = π⁄4 (OD²-ID²) x L Weight of Pipe = π⁄4 (OD²-ID² ) x L x Material Density Liberty Boys Gola-schvSchool Uniform Shoe 3.8 out of

Hemispherical Dishend Weight Calculator

A hemispherical dished end, also known simply as a hemispherical head or hemispherical cap, is a type of end closure or cap used in pressure vessels, tanks, and containers. It is characterized by its shape, which resembles half of a sphere. This design offers certain advantages in terms of strength and distribution of stress within

Elbow Weight Calculation Calculator

Elbow is the most commonly used fitting  to change the angle or direction of the pipe run. Most commonly in 90 degrees and 45 degree turns. Knowing the approximate weight of the fittings helps us calculate the: O.D= Outside Diameter of Elbow I.D= Inside Diameter of Elbow C= Elbow Center (Consider center to end distance

taper-transition, dissimilar metal thickness welding

Taper Transition Requirement for Dissimilar Wall Thickness

In this article we will discuss about the taper transition requirement for dissimilar thickness as per ASME Section VIII Division 1: What is Taper Transition? Transition is formed by removing the material by grinding or machining from the thicker material section to match it with the thinner section’s thickness. When Taper Transition required? Taper transition

consumable calculation

Weld Consumable Calculator for “Single V Groove joint”

This article is regarding the benefits of weld consumable calculation. Steps to calculate weld consumable & we will calculate weld consumable for single “V” groove joint. You can also download our simplified weld consumable calculator for single V groove joints, Single V branch Joints, Fillet joints, deposition efficiency, electrode calculator for SMAW welding process, Importance

Shielding gas, effect of shielding gas on welding, importance of shielding gas

Shielding Gases For Arc Welding

Welding is a fundamental process used across various industries to join metals permanently. Whether it’s for manufacturing structures, pipelines, automotive parts, or even artistic creations, welding plays a crucial role in shaping modern society. One essential aspect of welding is the use of shielding gases, which are employed to protect the welding area and the

Non-Destructive Testing Methods

To ensure the satisfactory performance of a component/structure, the component shall be tested with adequate testing procedure with the adequate testing method. Which in general specifies component can be used in the service requirement specified. Soundness to the purpose of component can be determined by either destructive or non-destructive testing of the component. But as