11 thoughts on ““Supplementary Essential Variable, ASME Section IX””

  1. Krunal Gajjar

    As per sec IX, pqt on plate is also qualify pipe a, is it applicable where notch toughness is required? . Doubt is toughness property is may differ during plate welding and pipe welding

    1. As per section IX if you qualify a PQR on plate it will qualify for pipe also even if notch toughness is applicable.
      All supplementary variables applicable as per section ix for notch toughness are defined in this article.

  2. if supplymentry test is required for pqr then taking base metal thickness same is necessary ?

      1. When we want to revise PQR of base metal thickness 20 mm whether we want change thickness from base metal or not.
        where is mention in asme code?

  3. As per above query about PQR, whether we can change the thickness of base metal in new PQR when privious WPS mention 20 mm. – which is necessary or not please clarify for the same.

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