Important interview question for Welding/Quality Engineer

Below mentioned question is likely to be asked in interview & Welding/Quality Engineer should must prepare for these question before interview.

Q1. What is sour service?

Q.2 Why Ni is restricted up to 1% max. for sour service?

Q3. What is the role of delta ferrite in stainless steel welding?

Q4. Why PWHT is not required for stainless steel?

Q5. Explain the procedure for welding of P91 material?

Q6. What is Dilution and its effect in weld overlay or cladding?

Q7. What is G48 testing. Explain?

Q8. What is IGC testing (A262 Practice E). Explain?

Q9. If welder is qualified for in 3G position, for which position will be qualified for groove and fillet weld

Q10. If welder is qualified on SS GTAW welding, can he able to weld CS with GTAW?

Q11. Why E9015-B91 preferred for P91 material welding instead of E9018-B91?

Q12. What is carbon equivalent and how it affects weldability?

Q13. Why SAW AC welding is preferred  over DC for P22 material?

Q14. What is temper embrittlement?

Q15. What is X-factor?

Q16. What is supplementary essential variable and enlist 5 supplementary variable for SMAW and explain how it effects on toughness property?

Q17. Why E347 is preferred over E321 for welding of SS321 material?

Q18. What is lethal service?

Q19. What is hot-cracking and how it occurs?

Q20. Enlist the elements of austenite and ferrite former?

Q21. What is minimum leak path in tube-to-tubesheet welding?

Q22. What is pull-out test in tube to tube sheet welding and what is acceptance criteria for same?

Q23. From which location impact sample shall be drawn as per ASME Section. IX?

Q24. What is DSS. Explain care to be taken for DSS welding?

Q25. Why Ni+Mn>1.2% is restricted in P91 & P92 materials welding?

Q26. Difference between synthetic and non-synthetic electrodes?

Q27. What is interpass temperature and how it affects the toughness property?

Q28. What is sensitization in stainless steel?

Q29. Why trailing gas used for titanium welding?

Q30. Specify some welding issue related to nickel alloys?

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